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May, 2011

Alexey Bolotov up 11 times on top of above 8,000 meters.

April, 2006
Yuri's Night: Gagarin's Space Engineer left Moscow today to attempt Everest w/out Sherpas at age 71...
Nickolay Totmjanin, Boris Korshunov, Serguey Surmonin and Alexey Bolotov are the Everest cowboys ...
Oktober, 2005
6 oktober at 3 o'clock in the afternoon Evgeny Vinogradsky and Alexey Bolotov summited on top Dhaulagiri (8167 m)! Congratulations!
June, 2005
Anton Lomovskich, Valery Pershin, Evgeny Vinogradsky and Alexey Bolotov summited on top Denali (6193 m), route "West Rib"!
May, 2005
Mikhailov Alexander was gone on slopes of Elbrus (5634 m)... Two weeks unsuccessfully be ordered saving and search works.
April, 2005
"Rocks Are For Everybody", Alexander Klenov Believes (zip):
Seminar on route setting on natural rock for sports climbs considering local style and ethics
8.06.2005 - 19.06.2005

April, 2005
Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world's highest waterfall, has been climbed free for the first time. John and Anne Arran, Ben Heason, Miles Gibson, Alexander Klenov and two Venezuelans whose names are as yet unkown, spent somewhere in the region of 4 weeks on the route.
Angel Falls is 3212 feet high. It had been aid climbed previously, but never free climbed.

February, 2005
Russian climbers summited JANNU North Face(7710 m)! Piolet d'Or 2004 goes to Jannu North Face!



Everest North
Everest North Face

Lhotse Middle (8414 m)
Lhotse Middle

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